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Dreams contain hidden messages

Your sub-conscious or Higher Self / Spirit provides important information and guidance, but these are concealed within mysterious symbols and metaphors.
  • Dreams provide necessary information that will make your life better.

  • Dreams contain guidance.

  • Dreams can help you heal, both physically and emotionally.

  • Dreams can keep you from making wrong decisions.

  • Dreams can be 'programmed' to answer your requests.

  • Once you know how, you can easily use your dreams to help others. Read more...


5 most important reasons for nightmares

Your dreaming-self wants to alert you about negative emotions that are stuck in your subconscious.

Nightmares are trying to get your attention. They scare the wits out of you so that you WILL remember the dream.

One or more of the following may be the reason you have them...
Woman lying on the floor with eyes closed, face the snake slither-awesome


  • Alert you to repressed fear or worry.
  • Give (subconscious) reasons for pain
  • Point out stuck emotions that have compromised your immune system.
  • Let you know that traumas from your past need resolution.
  • Want you to release stress

There is a lot more to know about nightmares and recurring dreams.

Frightening dreams are discussed in-depth In my book Decipher Your Dreams,
To get your FREE "Nightmares" chapter, sign up in the box at the top of this page.

A “Deciphered” nightmare often does give guidance for how to release stress, transform worry, and resolve fears. Read more...


Intuition is the key to unlock dream symbols

Intuition is the key to accurate dream interpretation

Everyone has an intuition system. You were born with it. Intuition is an integral and necessary part of one's psyche, and it guides you consistently throughout every day of your lives. The important thing to know about intuition is that you pay attention to it often, and it serves you well whether you realize it or not.

I teach people how to tune into their intuition 'on demand' as an integral step to dream interpretation. Read more...

Spiritual Development

Spiritual development can happen quickly

People constantly tell me once they learn to tune into their intuition on demand, and seek guidance from their dreams, they experience a quantum leap in their spiritual growth and development.

' Spiritual Mastery' is the ability to intuitively interact with a Higher Power, your Higher Self, your guides, your Inner Being. When you have spiritual mastery you can tune into Spirit at will, ask questions and get immediate answers. It is the capability to really “listen” and hear the voice of Spirit guiding you. Spiritual mastery gives you the confidence to immediately know and trust your intuitive guidance on the spot and act on it in the moment. Read more...

Shamanic Healing

shamanic healing
shamanic healing - Tianna Galgano

Shamanic Practitioners Heal Mind Body and Soul

Over twenty years ago, I was trained in Huna Shamanism. This tradition comes from ancient Hawaiian shamans and has been taught to generations of Hawaiian shamanic healers.

Shamans from indigenous cultures healed the mind, and body, and soul ─ as a holistic system. In our modern culture this system has been separated into three different organizations. We have doctors and physicians to heal the body, priests and ministers to guide the soul, and psychiatrists / psychologists to work with mental issues. Each of these in itself has it place and can be effective, but no singularly-minded focus can treat holistically. This is the reason why some people do not heal physically and/or emotionally, despite years of treatment.

It is SO important to realize that many illnesses, (and perhaps most) either began with an emotional distress, a trauma, an overwhelming situation; or, can stem from a harmful childhood core belief. (Examples: I am unloved/unloveable, I am unworthy, I will never measure up, and so on.)
Working with a shaman/shamanic practitioner is a solution to heal yourself on all levels of the self. This includes the psyche, the subconscious mind, the conscious mind and the body. Read more...

Interpretation of Dreams

Why do most dreams seem weird or strange?

One reason:
Your dreaming-self has a message for you. It does this in the form of a story. But the story is not literal (not like real life). This dream story is told in symbolic imagery and metaphor.

For example, let’s say that you feel intimidated by your boss. Perhaps he is always yelling and making you feel inadequate.

Your dream-self searches in your subconscious storage files to find your symbol for a person who has been very tough on you. Perhaps this was a mean grade school teacher. The feelings you had about the way this teacher treated you matches the way you feel about your boss.
So, the dream-self weaves a story about school and a mean teacher. The dream also might include that you failed a test.
Or, instead, you may dream about a monster chasing you.

Such dreams are double-packed with information. They are letting you know that you have unresolved feelings from the past, which are influencing your reaction about your boss.

Dreams often do substitute one thing for another, or one person for another. That is why most people need help interpreting their dreams. Read more...
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