Tianna Galgano
Author, Speaker, Dream Master
& Spiritual Mastery Coach,
Shamanic Practitioner
Being professionally trained in NLP and Shamanism enabled me to work effectively on therapeutic levels of dreamwork. I developed a system that demystifies the dream state, and unlocks the power of dreams. I am available for anyone who wants to understand their dreams, and use them for life transformation.

Beginning the Journey to
Dream Interpretation

Prior to 1983, I was a single mother raising two children, had a storefront business and was not consciously aware of anything beyond a routine life. I also had been having a terrifying, recurring nightmare for several years, but did not know that dreams had meaning.

Unexpectedly, mentors began showing up in my life. The first helped me find the hidden meaning in my recurring nightmare. It proved to be an ongoing warning about my business partner who had been undermining our business behind my back.

Then another mentor took me under his wing and I attended his classes on the teachings of Seth. The Seth material opened me to realms of spiritual possibility I did not know existed. Around that same time, Spirit-mentors began appearing in my meditations. One said to me: "You were a Dream Master in other lifetimes. We are here to help you remember how to work with your dreams again." It was as if a new doorway blew open in my mind.

2 profound dreams began a passion for dreamwork
that I have to this day


Dream Master

Shamanic Practitioner

NLP Master Practitioner

Cert. Clinical Hypnotherapist

EFT - Meridian Tapping Specialist

Public Speaker

2 dreams
inspired my passion for dream research.

I set out to find answers and solutions. I began
my dreams.
These two back-to-back dreams were about helping my mom heal her legs so she could drive again. I had no background in healing, yet these dreams felt so real, so right, that I set out on the path to find answers and solutions. I began dream research with a passion.

I formed a dream group with twelve people who met once a week. We shared our dreams and tried to figure out the meaning of them the usual way, by playing the symbol guessing game. I knew from the intuitive person who had helped me find the meaning about mom's dream that intuition had to be the key to interpreting dreams accurately.

But, I had no idea how to be intuitive when I wanted to be. So, I programmed my dreams asking Spirit to help me find a way to learn more about intuition and how it worked.
1st project:

I programmed
my dreams asking Spirit to help me find a way to learn more about intuition and how it worked.



My next breakthrough

I found out about NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). I intuited that this was the way to help my mom heal.

Spirit had set me firmly on the healer’s path.

When I began training in NLP, I learned that the direction is which one’s eye were looking were clues to how the brain processed information. Perhaps you are familiar with NLP and eye accessing cues. Briefly: looking up is visual accessing; looking over toward an ear is auditory: and looking down is tapping into feelings.

I had already been researching dreams for a year and had a weekly dream study group. I knew that dreams needed to be interpreted through intuition, but didn’t know how to tune into it on call.

Finding a way to access Intuition

More gifts from Spirit arriving in my dreams...

During NLP training, I got an ‘ah-ha’ insight that perhaps intuition also worked through a brain's neural pathway. I intuited that I could apply the eye-movement technique to see if that was true. There was no reason why I would assume this. It was not part of the training. I knew it definitely was a Spirit-led intuition.

Shortly after that, Spirit gifted me. I awakened from a dream with the steps to my "Intuition Location Process” in my mind. I tried it on my friends and classmates and sure enough! They all were easily able to find where and how to access their intuitive senses.

Since then, I have facilitated this process with thousands of people with the same amazing results. !

I found that there definitely is a brain-soul connection. And everyone has it! You too can easily have access to intuition when you want to.

Found the way to Decipher Dreams

The Intuition Location Process became the foundation for accurate dream interpretation. On the heels of this intuition breakthrough, the Spirit-led steps to the "Dream Decipher Process"™ quickly followed.

For over 25 years, this dream interpretation process has worked for everyone, on every dream, every time. To my delight, the Decipher Dream process took interpretation completely out of the ego guessing game.

Soon after that, Mom had her own breakthrough. Through our NLP sessions and mom's own dream programs, she learned that her leg paralysis problems stemmed from traumas experienced in two past car accidents. Plus a traumatic incident that happened when she was six-years-old. We healed and released those traumas and she did drive again.

My dreams about Mom driving again having come true spurred me on to do further research in the infinite healing possibilities of dreams. My clients, loved ones and dream group members began having their own breakthroughs in self-healing through intentional dreaming. Some of their stories are told in my first book: Decipher Your Dreams, Decipher Your Life
dream led to

Shamanic Dreaming

Still wanting more, I explored Shamanic dreaming. I trained with Huna shaman, Serge Kahili King. He taught me to do shamanic journeying and soul retrieval work. I also studied numerous books by other well-known shamans. Michael Harner, author of The Way of the Shaman, and Sandra Ingerman, author of: Soul Retrieval influenced my shamanic practices with clients.

Around that same period, an NLP Training Institute in Salt Lake City brought shaman, Alberto Villoldo, to teach shamanism to their NLP Master Practitioners. This series of events began my passion for shamanic teachings and practices.

My shamanic studies catapulted me to a new level of dreamwork

As a result of my shaman training, I also began combining NLP processes with daytime shamanic journeys in new ways and developed innovative techniques for self-help. The beauty of these shamanic dreaming techniques is that they can also be used to understand what may be the hidden meaning underlying any frightening or stressful situation.

Any frightening or stressful situation can be used as a metaphor, as 'nightmares' of the day, and therefore interpreted as if it were a dream. A version of Dream Decipher can be used on anything: pain, illness, mysterious body symptoms, accidents, strange happenings in one's house, life events, meditation imagery, and so on. I call this kind of exploration: "Wide-Awake Dreaming."™

You can read more about my personal journey into dreamwork, and more specifically Shamanic dreaming in my soon-to-be-published book, SHAMANIC DREAM HEALING - A Guide for Healing Yourself and Helping Others While You Sleep.
Shamanic Dream Healing book cover

Dreammaster - Teacher and Coach

Since 1986, I have been teaching my unique dream methods at NLP conferences, in classes and workshops, and at local events. With the continued world unrest, and the advent of mass communication via the Internet, it just seems to be the right time to share my unique, proven dream interpretation techniques with the world.

In 2003, I published my first book:
Decipher Your Dreams, Decipher Your Life
It was compiled with twenty years of dream study and research.
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In 2012, I published my second book - How to Meet Your Spirit Guides, Angels and Power Animals -Spiritual Guidance on Demand in 5 to 10 minutes. Click on the title to view it on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions.

How to Meet Your Spirit Guides book
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