Dream Questions

Common Questions Concerning Dream interpretation

These questions are important to address about interpretation of dreams, because they are based on misconceptions that reduce the importance of dreams

Since I don't remember my dreams, that must mean I don't dream, right?

This is a common dream misconception that needs to be cleared up.

Everyone dreams - every single night.

Sleep / dream studies done in university labs have proven that adults have a dream about every ninety minutes throughout their sleep cycle. For every eight hours of sleep, you have an average of 4 to 6 dreams. But, certain pharmaceutical drugs, such as barbiturates, can prevent dreaming. Everyone must dream. Lab subjects who were allowed to sleep, but not allowed to dream, began to hallucinate within a week.

If I dream multiple times a night, why don't I remember my dreams?

  • Most individuals do not realize how important dreams really are.
  • The ego or conscious mind logically, but mistakenly believes that there are no practical uses for dreams so why remember them? This is a major reason that dreams are usually not remembered.
  • Dream recall is not encouraged.
  • People think they don’t have the time to bother with figuring out dreams.
  • Alarm clocks jar the conscious mind awake too suddenly, instantly fragmenting dream images.
  • Dream recall may be blocked on purpose as a protective ploy.
Sometimes a child can be so frightened by nightmares that a protective part or the ego decides that dreams are harmful things. This belief can carry forward into adulthood. The ego or conscious mind may refuse to allow the memory of any dreams, whether they are good or bad.

In truth, dreams are necessary for health and well being. Dreams are also useful for the guidance they provide. There are numerous and important reasons for remembering dreams, and interpreting their meaning.

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