Spiritual Mastery Made Easy

What is Spiritual Mastery? How does one achieve it?
Would you like to have tools and techniques that put you on the fast track for spiritual development?

What is possible? It begins with Intuition

Intuition comes from Spirit. It is the key to spiritual development

You can be more consciously intuitive. You can easily “tune into” your spiritual guidance.
I can give you quick and effective ways to do so.

You can intuit an immediate answer when you ask your Higher Self or Spirit Guides a question.
I can show you how.

Do you meditate? If so, I commend you. There are so many benefits to a daily meditation.

First and foremost, meditations are supposed to quiet the mind and allow intuitive communication from Spirit. But, perhaps you have been having problems trying to get effective results from your meditations. Do you get distracted by an interfering ego-voice? Do you start thinking of all sorts of things? Or, do you doubt your visions because you think you are making it all up? This is your ego either trying too hard, being doubtful, or being scared. Any of these thoughts will stop a meditation in its tracks.

Here is what you can do to quiet your ego:
Gently, ask your ego to stop its thoughts. Tell it you appreciate that it is protecting you. Then ask your ego to step aside ─ at least during the meditation ─ and allow Spirit to come through. Ask ego to allow Spirit an opportunity to provide. You can decide afterward whether you want to follow Spirit guidance, or not. Over time, your ego can become a team player with your intuition. You can create a partnership between your conscious mind and your intuitive mind.

What does it mean to have Spiritual Mastery?

For me, Spiritual Mastery has so many facets.
Intuition, tuning in to Spirit
It means that I have my own personal, interactive relationship with Spirit through my intuition. I have expanded my intuitive abilities to the point where I can ask questions of Spirit and receive quality answers – on the spot. I have learned how to trust the input I get through my “Voice of Intuition.”

Spiritual Mastery means that I can easily meditate using my methods of creative visualization.
I can embark on a shamanic journey whenever I want to. I simply close my eyes and ask to do so. I intuit powerful guidance very quickly. I love the rich imagery that stays in my mind after the journey is completed. And, receiving the help I’ve asked for has resulted in optimum physical and emotional health.

I can ask Spirit for how to help my loved ones, friends, family, and pets. Within minutes, I intuit spiritual guidance for ways to aid them.

My dreams provide a constant flow of information, guidance and healing. All I need to do is ASK for before falling asleep for specific things to happen in a dream. And my dreaming self always comes through for me. My Dream Decipher Process is a God-send. It allows an accurate intuitive-based interpretation for any dream.

I have been able to combine all these spiritual practices into a daily way of life.
You can do this too.

Dreams are important for spiritual development

Sleep is important. But did you know that you MUST dream to maintain mental, emotional and physical health? Do you know how to use your dreamtime wisely and effectively? There is much useful information on this website about dreams, dream programming and dream interpretation. I encourage you to look into these resources. I can teach you how dreams can help you on your spiritual path. My "Dream Mastery Dreamwork" will greatly help you to develop spiritually.
The “fast track” to Spiritual Mastery
I have had over 30 years of training in many shamanic, spiritual, holistic, and healing modalities. Plus, I’ve had years of certification training in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and EFT-Tapping. My students get the benefit of my decades of experience and expertise. I can put you on the fast-track to Spiritual Development and Spiritual Mastery with intuition training, shamanic journeys, Spirit-guided meditations, and dreamwork done with conscious intention.

What can Spiritual Mastery mean for you?

My fast-track methods simply mean that I have created shortcuts and easy-to-do processes so that you become your own spiritual master ─ in much less time than attempting it on your own.

You can use my "Fast Track to Spiritual Mastery Program"
to grow spiritually at your own pace.

I believe that Spiritual Mastery should be a “designer” process. I have created the templates. You are the designer of your reality.

You can learn my easy-to-do methods for tuning in to Spirit. Then, you can ask for and allow Spirit to lead you to the right path for you. You will intuitively be led to specific books, places, fields of study, teachers, and so on. By using my methods you will be able to follow your intuition and Spirit guidance with trust.

Trusting your "Voice of Intuition" made easy... Your truth will always feel like freedom.

Spiritual Mastery Made Easy with Tianna's book

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