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Interpretation of Dreams

The Challenge Associated with Interpretation of Dreams

Dream can be puzzling
Many dreams seem to make no sense. They can be puzzling or weird. This is because they are in a coded (secret) language of symbols and metaphors. Your dream images are like hieroglyphics petroglyphs, or pictographs.

You need a special key to understand your dream symbols. And that key is interpreting dreams through your intuition.

Our Ancestors Understood Dream Symbols

Our ancestors understood the importance of dreams. They used them as tools to guide their lives.
Ancient societies used dreams as an instrument to gain understanding. They received direction from their dreams. They programmed them for healing.

These societies instinctively understood dream symbolism. Why? Because they were integrally connected to their intuition.

Aboriginal and Indigenous peoples today still know how to work with dream-time. However, in our 'modern' world, our intuition─our bridge to Spirit─has weakened. We have forgotten how to use dreams as tools.

30 years of dream-work has shaped my personal belief and fueled my passion. I believe the ancient knowledge of how to intuitively understand and interact with our dreams is woven into our DNA. Stored in cellular memory. The tools of intuition and dream-time are our birthright. They can be easily rediscovered.
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Why Dream Dictionaries Don't Work For Interpreting Dreams

why dream dictionaries don't work
It is true that dreams guide us by way of symbolism and metaphors. Many people turn to a dream dictionary to try and figure out a dream's meaning. The problem with dream symbol dictionaries is that they give global meanings to each symbol. But dreams don't really 'talk to us' one symbol at a time. Stories are interwoven into metaphors. This is further explained in my YouTube video "Dream Dictionaries." Click here.

In reality, our dream symbols relate to our personal experience. Dreams are most accurately and easily interpreted when we can tune into our "Voice of Intuition." Tuning into Intuition reveals our own personal meaning of the dream symbols.

Accessing your Intuition is the key to interpretation of dreams of any kind.

Intuition is the Key

Intuition is the key to interpreting dreams accurately.

Everyone has an intuition system. You were born with it. It guides you consistently throughout every day of your lives.

Tuning in to your "Voice of Intuition" opens a door to a world of new possibilities.

You can learn my system to tune into intuition 'on demand' when you want or need spiritual guidance.
The process to find where you hear your "Voice of Intuition" takes only 15 minutes.
Intuition is the key to interpretation of dreams

Dream Inspiration

My dreams taught me HOW to tune into intuition on demand; and how to work through intuition to interpret dream symbolism.

When I first began dream research in 1983, I wanted to teach everyone how to accurately interpret their own dreams. I began programming my dreams asking Spirit to show me the way.
Within weeks of asking every night before sleep, the tools I now share with the world came to me in 2 profound dreams.

The first dream gave me the foundation of the "Dream Decipher Process."©

The second dream gave me the method to locate HOW and WHERE you can hear your "Voice of Intuition." Spirit informed me that intuition comes through our neural pathways. Thus, your own "Voice of Intuition" is easily accessed by a specific, directed eye-movement, unique to you.

The Decipher Process is so simple to use. It works for the interpretation of any dream, even the ones you had years ago.

My book, Decipher Your Dreams Decipher Your Life has detailed steps for the Intuition Location Exercise and the Dream Decipher Process.

What You Can Experience

When you begin using you intuition to Decipher your dreams, your daytime world opens up for you in a new way.

You will begin to see that your daytime experiences are filled with metaphors. Just like decoding symbolism in dream-time, you can look for the hidden meanings in everyday situations and events.

The Dream Decipher Process works on EVERYTHING.

Imagine how your life could change if you had an easy process to help you understand why that accident happened to you. Or discover why you got sick.

All of this is covered in Decipher Your Dreams Decipher Your Life.
Click on the book title to get more information and instructions for how to interpret your own dreams.

Get insights on how programming dreams can provide life-transformation experiences. You can self-heal, get spiritual guidance, improve relationships, and much more!
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