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What a Clear, Intuitive Connection Can Do For You

Pathway to Spirit
Intuition is the way to have comprehensible communication and open interaction
with all aspects of your psyche.

Calling on your intuitive-self for guidance helps you to grow, change,
and become more closely connected to Spirit.

Calling on Intuition helps you manifest positive things in your life.

Meditating intuitively calms the stress of a confusing, frustrating
and sometimes frightening outer world.

Intuition Comes In Many Ways

Many of us are familiar with powerful intuitions ─ such as:

  • One that helped you make the right decision about who was or wasn't right for you to marry

  • Direction for a geographical move

  • An inspiration that led to a major change within yourself

  • A strong feeling to read a certain book, or attend a training that changed your life.
  • Intuitions, like the ones above, are often accompanied by obvious physical signals.
    Such as, an "aha" in the mind, shivers down the spine, gooseflesh, tears of truth, or a body rush.

    These powerful signals get your attention. They are proof that an intuition happened.

    It would be great if intuitions always came in those unmistakable ways.
    Most of the time, however, intuitive thoughts and feelings are elusive.
    They are sometimes so subtle they are not recognized as intuitions when they happen.
    Perhaps days or weeks later, especially if something came of it, you think back on it and wonder, "How did I know that?"

    When you 'get' an intuition, how do you describe it?

    Spiritual Mastery made easy
    • A light bulb went on in my head.
    • I had an inspiration.
    • It felt right.
    • I had a gut feeling.
    • I heard an inner voice & I just knew what to do.
    The above statements are telling you HOW you are intuitive.
    'Light bulbs' and 'inspirations' are visual intuitions.
    When something 'feels right' or you have a 'gut feeling,' it tells you that you are a mainly kinesthetic-intuitive.
    If you do hear that 'inner voice,' it means you are primarily auditory-intuitive.
    The other senses are in play, but you may notice one more than the other two.

    Most Intuitions are Subtle

    You are continually guided─even if you do not realize it.

    It is as important to know that we all have subtle intuitions─such as the following─ all the time:

    Get a notion to call a friend and find that she is upset about something and needed to talk.

    Be led to buy a certain book, open to a page and discover that it contains the advice you had been seeking.

    Have a sudden thought that a bill needs to be paid today─in the nick of time to avoid a late charge.

    Feel that you need to go to your child's room to check on him and sure enough, he is goofing off instead of studying for tomorrow's test.

    Intuitions such as these do NOT give strong body signals,
    yet the signals are there─in a subtler way.

    I can teach you how to pay attention to subtle intuitions.

    My "Intuition Locator Process" recordings take you through the steps to pinpoint how your unique intuition system communicates with you.
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    Would You Like to Be
    More Consciously Intuitive?

    I have discovered that everyone has specific neural pathways for intuition. These can be tapped into very easily.

    When you tune into your intuitive source on a consistent basis, you enhance these neural pathways. They become more open and allow clearer communication from Spirit. Your "Voice of Intuition" becomes stronger.

    Do you have a strong desire to hone your intuitive skills? Would you like to become more connected with your intuition? I can teach you a simple way to pay instant attention to intuitions. And, show you how to call on Spirit 'on demand.'
    • You can have spiritual guidance, on demand.
    • You can have an interactive communication with Spirit.
    • You can ask questions and intuit quality information, on the spot.
    • Your intuitive abilities can be enhanced and expanded.

    Intuition Mastery

    helped 1000s of people learn intuition
    Beginning in 1985, through an ongoing intensive research project with thousands of people, I discovered how Spirit interfaces with your brain’s neural pathways to “talk” to you.

    Do you know how to listen?

    I can teach you simple ways to tune in.
    My "Intuition Location Exercise" shows gives you direct access to your Intuitive voice.

    You will discover WHERE and HOW you hear the voice of Spirit
    you can learn to tune into intuition
    You only need to do this exercise once.
    After that, you can tune into your "Voice of Intuition" with a simple, directed eye-movement to that location.
    This provides a brain-soul interconnection, that once discovered, is always there,
    on demand, when you want spiritual guidance.

    For the rest of your life, you can ask questions of your Source of Intuition and receive answers on the spot.

    After you do the
    "Intuition Location Process" once,
    you can interact with Spirit whenever you want.

    "Intution Locator Process" available as a VIDEO tutorial
    Discover your "Voice of Intuition" location by watching a video demonstration.

    Or, download an audio mp3, and be personally guided in the "Intuition Locator Process."
    "Intution Locator Process" available in AUDIO mp3 formats.

    I can help you be intuitive when you want to be.
    Contact me for a session.
    I can personally lead you through my process to discover the specific location
    where you hear your intuitive voice.
    And, I will guide you to locate the specific area of your body
    where you feel your intuitive feeling.
    These locations are unique to everyone.

    Trusting intuition becomes much easier when you know HOW to access it.
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