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A Typical Nightmare Experience...

A monster is chasing you...
Or...you are trapped in a terrifying situation...

Overwhelming panic fills your body.
Paralyzed with fear, you try to scream but can't.
You try to get away.
Gasping for breath, heart pounding, you run.
But you can’t run fast enough…

Suddenly, you’re wide awake, heart still pounding.

The realization comes that it was only a dream, Panic begins to slowly abate. The nightmare no longer has you in its clutches. Yet, you feel uneasy. Perhaps still a bit frightened.

You worry ─ what could the dream mean? You try to make sense of it. All the things it could possibly mean haunt you. Your mind imagines the worst.
Emotions from the dream can linger for hours. This after-effect is called a "dream hangover.

Nightmares...Bad? Or Good?

Frightening nightmare symbol
A nightmare feels very bad while it is happening. However, despite its bizarre and terrifying imagery, a nightmare offers a true gift. If you have been prone to nightmares you are probably shaking your head right now and saying, "How could something this awful be a gift?"

A nightmare is perhaps the most misunderstood type of dream. The positive intention of most nightmares is to bring forth an important positive message for your benefit. It needs to get your attention. Therefore it scares the wits out of you so that you will remember it.

Nightmares Have Positive Reasons For Happening

Understanding a Nightmare’s Hidden Meaning

In our culture, we have lost the key to unlock the secrets of dreamtime.
Most nightmares are messengers from the subconscious mind. There is a concealed message in them. Why is it hidden? The subconscious ‘speaks’ in a language of symbolism and metaphor. We have long forgotten how that works. Therefore, we tend to examine dream content as if it were literal.

Here is how a nightmare can begin...

You could be in a situation that (you think) you are handling well enough. However, deep in the subconscious you may feel scared or perhaps terrified. In your nightmares, you can actually see your repressed emotions. In other words, emotions trapped in your subconscious mind become the monsters in your dreams.

key to understanding dreams is intuition

A trapped emotion is turned into a dream symbol...

Let’s say the symbol is a frightening snake. The snake is a substitution, (a stand-in), for your actual fear. For example, a dream of an attacking snake is not predicting a real-life snake encounter. Instead, the symbolic snake means that something in your life is as scary, as a snake encounter would be.

Thought Starter:

I dreamt of a snake about to attack me. How scared did I feel? What is happening in my life that feels as scary as that?

Now, think about it. Is your job in jeopardy? Are you having a tough time paying your bills? Are you in a troubled or abusive relationship?

NOTE: Lots of people dream about scary snakes. But a snake is just one fear symbol. It may not be yours. What are you most afraid of? Spiders? The devil? Guns? Water? Tornadoes? Sharks? Your subconscious will use a thing that scares you as a symbolic stand-in for your fears about a life situation.

Nightmares have a positive reason for happening. They want to show you that an overwhelming fear is stuck in your subconscious. Then within the dream, there often is a resource for a way to overcome your fear. A Deciphered dream shows you what that resource is.
Please read my book's chapter: "Nightmares." There are many actual examples from people who were relieved of worry because they found the positive meaning of their nightmares. Click on the button at the top of this page to get your chapter absolutely free!

Other Reasons for Nightmares

A nightmare is most often a cry for help from within your unconscious mind. Your subconscious will create a terrifying dream when getting your attention is vital.

There isn’t just any one reason for nightmares. Here are others:

About a Past Fear:

A nightmare may be about a scary situation or trauma that happened when you were younger. Or it can be something that happened when you were a child. Recurring nightmares from childhood are indeed about a trapped fear.
A fear from the past can surface via a nightmare. It's a plea to say it is time to resolve that traumatic memory trapped in your subconscious. The fear must be released for your physical and emotional health.

Past Life Trauma:

You may have had a lifelong fear about something that makes no sense. For example, an unfounded fear of water. A nightmare could come to show you why you have that fear. It may stem from drowning in a past life.
A past-life regression (with a healing intention) can remove the fears from that past lifetime-self. Your present self reaps a huge benefit because the fear is gone from you as well.
I can help you transform/heal an unresolved memory from your childhood.
Contact me to experience a shamanic soul-retrieval journey.

If you want to safely explore another life, I am a skilled past-life regressionist.

Cause of Pain or Illness:

Negative emotions trapped in the body can cause physical pain or illness. A nightmare can indeed show you why you're sick or in pain. Deciphering the dream can uncover its powerful message about the cause of your distress. It can also warn you to go see a doctor.
For example, my mom wasn't feeling well. But she procrastinated about calling her doctor. She dreamt that water was filling the upper level of her house. The Deciphered dream told us that her heart needed immediate medical attention. She made an appointment and got checked. This dream saved her life.
A nightmare could be a warning about your health. I can help you on the path toward healing.