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Shamanic Healing

Soul Retrieval

shamanic healing
Soul retrieval work is done by a shaman when a client has experienced a soul fragmentation.
In shamanic terms this means that a "piece" of the person's soul has left for some reason. This can happen when a person is in a distressing, sorrowful or traumatic situation. A traumatized person may be able to come out of a bad experience and move on, but a part of the soul can get trapped within the memory of it.

PTSD is the extreme example of this phenomenon.
Horrible memories come into the mind again and again, both in waking-life and in nightmares. If you have PTSD, either a large piece, or many pieces of your soul are fragmented and have become trapped in the nightmarish memories. It is as if ─ what happened back then, is still happening right now. And in a manner of speaking ─ it still is.

Children often fragment

shamanic healing work
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Soul fragmentation can happen in childhood when there is physical or emotional abuse of any kind.
An adult can get away, but if the inner child may still be trapped in fear. That fear blocks the adult-self from happiness and success.
Through shamanic soul retrieval work, healing can happen at last for your long-suffering inner child.

Your adult-self can finally move on and be successful when these trapped parts of the soul have been retrieved and returned to the present self.

Soul fragmentation can happen at any time and from situations you might not think would cause it. As just one type of example: a sensitive child may have accidentally broken something. The shock of the punishment received can cause a fragmentation.

I have worked with numerous accident victims and we have found that a piece of their soul is still trapped in/at the scene of the accident. It is gratifying when an old injury caused by an accident can be healed by retrieving that fragmented part of the soul.

My Shamanic Path of Heart

My ultimate goal is that I want to help people learn how to heal themselves.

What I have to offer in my shamanic practice is at the leading edge of what all of us need to learn how to do. That is, to be able to translate spiritual intuitions into your daytime reality. No matter what you do in the world, I can help you journey into deeper spiritual realms and bring that guidance into worldly expression.

The usual ways of shamanism provides an in-the-world-but-not-of-it path. So much of shamanic practice from the ancient ways focuses the journey into dream-like realms.
My Dream Decipher method helps you take what you consciously experienced in your shamanic journey waking-dream, interpret the symbolism intuitively, and then integrate the spiritual guidance into your daily life.
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What Makes My Shamanic Work Unique

shamanic healing
For decades, I have been offering shamanic journey work for guidance and healing. I have created my own unique blend of techniques by utilizing traditional shamanic methods combined with, dreamwork and NLP.

I teach my clients how to help themselves.

For several years I have facilitated a twice-monthly shamanic journey, meditation group. My core group has fifteen to twenty members, most of whom have been regularly attending for over three years. The results in intuition development and spiritual growth for my group members have been astounding. I have learned so much by working closely with this group.

What people are saying

THANK YOU!!! Thanks so much!!! I wouldn't be at this amazing place in my life without you! Can't wait for tomorrows shamanic journey group. Love and Peace. Amy

More words of appreciation

Dear Tianna, I just want to say what a treat it always is to be in your presence. It was sure good to have that session with you. You've taught me so much and you always help me in my time of need. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and friendship with me. I truly do treasure it. You truly are an amazing individual with all that you do, and you give me inspiration in all my endeavors! I wish you a blessed day and a blessed week. Love ya lots. Kat.

I Can Help You

I can help you come out of the darkness and into the Light.

In decades of doing this work, I have helped thousands become consciously intuitive, raise their vibration, heal, and change their outer world for the better. You too, can have the experience of my shamanic journeys for guidance and healing. I also do past-life regressions.

Please contact me for a Shamanic Journey session. I can be available by phone or Skype.
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