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Tianna's Self-Help Program for Spiritual Development:
  • VOICE of INTUITION - A unique system to tune into your Intuition - on demand
  • SHAMANIC MEDITATIONS guiding you to meet and interact with Spirit Guides, angels and power animals
  • "DREAM DECIPHER," an Intuitive-based dream interpretation process that will give you the hidden meaning in any dream
  • "DECIPHER" body symptoms and strange daytime situations.
  • SELF-HELP TOOLS for spiritual growth and self-healing

Intuition Mastery

Spiritual development starts by enhancing your inter-connection with Spirit through your intuition.
Do you desire to hone your intuitive skills? Would you like to become more connected with your intuition? Teaching how to tune into your Voice of Intuition - on demand - is one of my specialties.

Through an intensive research project with thousands of people, I discovered how Spirit utilizes your brain’s neural pathways to transmit intuitive feelings and intuited thought- messages.

Do you know how to listen to your intuition? I can teach you how to do that in 10 minutes!

I have always been interested in science. When I studied quantum physics, I discovered how my spiritual development work could connect science and Spirit. I also began studying brain function. I found the way to tap into specific intuitive neural pathways to hone directly into the Voice of Spirit. This is done with a simple, directed eye-movement, unique to you. This provides a brain-soul interconnection, that once established, is always there, on demand. It is available in a moment whenever you need or want spiritual guidance. You then can ask questions of your Source of intuition and receive answers on the spot. You actually do hear your voice of intuition in your mind. This is such an amazing gift to you. Imagine being intuitive when you want to be.

How can you discover the eye-movement that connects your neural pathways with your Spiritual guidance? You can do so with my “Intuition Location Exercise.” Going through this exercise, just once, enables you to easily connect and interact with Spirit through your intuitive voice - from then on.
My books contain detailed steps for this exercise. Or, you can listen to the exercise as I lead you through it. It is available as an Mp3 download.

Shamanic Meditation Mastery

Would you like to have an interactive communication with your Higher Self, angels and your spirit guides?
Would you like to know how to heal yourself, attract a rewarding job or career, have better relationships and/or make more money? My simple guided meditations take only five to ten minutes. You can get help from your guides to make your life so much better, and do it in faster ways than trying it on your own.

Did you know that doing just a daily, ten minute meditation has many benefits?

People who meditate daily:
Show positive changes in brain function
Easily go to that place within where one feels true inner peace
Get beyond the boundaries of ego and inner mind chatter, and easily access Spirit
Can have "on demand" communication with Spirit and spirit guides
Are able to immediately trust intuitive input when it happens.
Grow spiritually in expanded ways.
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My book: How to Meet Your Spirit Guides, Angels & Power Animals
has everything you need to begin to interact with Spirit. It contains numerous, guided shamanic meditations that take just mere minutes.

There is also an Mp3 download available that has all the exercises and meditations from the book. You can close your eyes and listen to my calming voice as I lead you through each of the meditations.
Meet Spirit Guides by Tianna Galgano

Dream Mastery

Do you want to understand the meaning of your dreams?
Dreams can be strange, weird, embarrassing, frustrating or downright nightmarish. Why? Dreams are mysterious because they are in the subconscious language of symbolism and metaphor. They must be decoded to get their true meaning.

Over three decades ago I began serious dream research and started my first dream study group. What we discovered during that year was that the ego-mind does not know how to understand dream symbolism. I had such a strong desire to find a way to teach people how to interpret their dreams.

A Dream Gift from Spirit
Each night before falling asleep, I made a request to Spirit, asking for a way to teach others how to accurately interpret their dreams. I awakened one morning with a unique dream interpretation method in my mind. While I slept and dreamt Spirit had taught me how to use my intuitive-mind to interpret dreams. That dream included detailed steps to what Spirit called the “Dream Decipher Process.”

This is a method that has since worked successfully on thousands of dreams from people in all walks of life.
Dreams are important! Dreaming is vital to your health and well being.
My book: DECIPHER YOUR DREAMS answers your burning questions about dreams.
It covers everything that a newcomer to dreams would want to know. Plus, it includes the simple steps to my "Dream Decipher Process." With this method you can interpret your own dreams. Even a child can do it!

This comprehensive tome provides expanded knowledge to those who have already been working with their dreams and are ready to delve deeper.
In this book you will find complete instructions for my intuitive-based interpretation method. It is fool-proof because it works through your intuition, (not your ego). The “Dream Decipher Process” works every time, on every dream. It is an easy to use method in which you intuitively decode your own symbolism. You will uncover the hidden meaning in every dream, even those you had years ago.

My passion is helping others learn how to have mastery in all areas of dreamwork. This includes tips on how to remember dreams, journaling and dream programming (that is asking for specific types of dreams.) You will see how dreams provide hidden messages and powerful resources.

In my book you will find complete instructions for how to ask for dreams for self-healing, or dreams that provide guidance, and much more! Intentionally requested dreams can be your greatest allies.
You can learn how to use the power of dreams for your highest good.
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You will find many more tools for spiritual growth
and personal empowerment in
Decipher Your Dreams, Decipher Your Life.
The “Dream Decipher Process” works on everything symbolic. There are chapters in this book which teach you how “Decipher” what’s going on with your body to understand the hidden (emotional) causes of pain, illness and mysterious body symptoms.
The Decipher process works on every metaphor. You will learn how to Decipher the strange events, fearful situations, or accidents that happen during your waking day. You will discover the hidden meaning and/or the positive intention underlying such situations. Take yourself out of the role of victim. The Decipher Process will help to empower you in any given situation or problem.
The Decipher process works on symbols and metaphors seen in meditation. All you need do is ask Spirit "What does that symbol mean to me?" The answer is intuited immediately.
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