Learn How to Accurately Interpret
Your Own Dreams

Want to Know What Your Dreams Really Mean?

You can Decipher Your Dreams with this amazing book...

Are you feeling mystified, confused or even frightened by your dreams? These feelings are the most common reactions to many dreams.

The main problem with trying to interpret your dreams is that they are in a different language than we speak with our conscious minds. Almost everything in a dream is in symbolic ‘code.’

The symbols, metaphors and symbolism in your dream are unique to you. They come from your subconscious mind and are based on your own unique life’s experiences. (That is why Dream Dictionaries are not really helpful.)
Decipher Your Dreams book

You will learn an accurate method of dream interpretation...

I have created a simple technique for interpreting your dreams, called the “Dream Decipher Process.” It works through your intuition instead of your ego. Intuition is given from Spirit. This process inspires dream interpretation on a Higher level of understanding.

Dream Decipher is a time-proven method that provides an accurate meaning to any and all of your dreams – good dreams, disturbing dreams - even those childhood recurring dreams.

You can interpret your own dreams

The Dream Decipher Process is easy to learn and easy to use. For the past thirty years, thousands of people have successfully interpreted their dreams by using this method.

Decipher Your Dreams has complete, clearly outlined, step-by-step instructions that enable you to find the true meaning of any dream, even those you had years ago.

What Makes Decipher Your Dreams Different
From Other Dream Interpretation books

Many books just
tell you to tune into your Intuition to interpret your dreams.

Decipher Your Dreams actually teaches you HOW to tune into your 'Voice of Intuition.'

BONUS: Once you learn the simple process to tune into Intuition, you can access your Intuitive guidance on demand - any time you feel the need for help.

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What Clients Like the Most:

It's Fast!
A simple dream can be interpreted in as little as 15 minutes.

It's Powerful!
Tapping into dream advice can be a life-changing process.

It's Personal!
Dream symbol meanings are based on your experience - not a dream dictionary.

It's Easy!
There are only 2 simple formulas to learn, and their use extends beyond dreams.

What others are saying about the book:

“DECIPHER YOUR DREAMS, DECIPHER YOUR LIFE is a great book. I really am impressed. It is fun reading as well as practical and immediately useful. I am recommending this book to everyone who is interested in self-discovery and personal evolution. These techniques are also incredibly helpful to those who are assisting others uncover their unconscious processing. I have nine books in my library on various methods of dreamwork and this book is clearly the best! Congratulations Tianna. The book is exceptional, and easy to read.
Tim HallbomInternational NLP Trainer
NLP Training Center of California
I work as a psychologist and teacher with students in Novosibirsk University, Russia, and with children of all ages. We read your NLP articles about DECIPHER YOUR DREAMS in Jan. ’91. Since that time we have been using “DREAM DECIPHER Process” frequently with different people and different issues. We found that it is very powerful and useful. Our patients also enjoy it because they are empowered by working with their own dreams, and learn to trust and respect them. We discovered that people who use DREAM DECIPHER usually have more interesting, significant and important experiences in their dreams. They say this is a very good and enjoyable way for self-development and internal integration.
Anatoly TkachevPsychologist-Consultant,
Psychological Center of the Experimental School “DIALOG”
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