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Get on the FAST TRACK
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How to Meet Your Spirit Guides, Angels & Power Animals
by Tianna Galgano

Experience profound ways to enhance your connection with Spirit in just five to ten minutes a day. This is done by utilizing the guided-imagery meditations given in this book.

Meet Your Spirit Guides can help you along your path to spiritual development.

Tianna provides tools, exercises and techniques that can help you heal emotionally and physically. It is a practical handbook that can help improve daily life, find peace within, and much more...

The book is easy to read. Most of the meditations are only ten minutes long and are simple to follow.

Call on Spirit Guides for any need

By practicing each meditation several times, it will become effortless to call on any guide “on demand.”
A requested guide will appear instantly when spiritual help is wanted or needed.
This Practical Guide has meditations designed to meet numerous types of spirit guides, including angels and power animals. It teaches practical methods for interacting with guides and how to experience spiritual inner journeys with them. There are suggestions for good questions to ask of the guides that provide quality answers and insightful information.
Besides learning brand new ways to communicate with spirit guides, angels and power animals
that are already in one’s awareness,
the meditations include ways to call upon new guides for any project or goal,
such as writing, self-healing, learning a skill, and so on.

Discover new spirit guides:
Some of the meditations in this book encourage guides to appear that one may never have thought about before,
such as meeting with Higher Self, a money guide, a healing guide, and more!
The "Merge With a Power Animal" meditation is a profound way to obtain an animal’s power
through the body’s kinesthetic (feeling) system. One can then travel with the power animal as if seeing through its eyes.

Intuition Training Included

Intuition taught in Meet Your Spirit Guides
The meditations in this book are designed to create visions. Visual imagery often is symbolic. Intuition is the primary tool for deciphering symbols and metaphors, whether experienced within a meditation, or a dream.

The "INTUITION LOCATION-FINDER" exercise helps readers discover their intuitive voice, intuitive vision and intuitive feelings in a way they never knew was possible. After doing this exercise just once, a hotline to Spirit is established. From then on, a simple, directed eye-movement is all it takes to access one’s 'Voice of Intuition.' This is how you get spiritual guidance on demand - within minutes.

By practicing the simple methods given in this Practical Guide you can have an interactive communication with Spirit whenever you want or need.

An entire chapter in Meet Your Spirit Guides is devoted to in-depth intuition training. An mp3 recording and a video tutorial are available to guide you through the process. Info...

Children Benefit from How to Meet your Spirit Guides

Children especially respond to angels and animal guides.
Numerous stories are included of how young kids and teens used the meditations to communicate with their spirit guides.
These kids had profound and amazing results. Several of their stories are included in this book.

Meet Your Spirit Guides is a practical guidebook.
It enables parents and grandparents to teach their children and grandchildren simple, effective ways to tune into Spirit,
and be able to get answers to troubling questions.
Using Tianna’s simple guided meditation technique, kids as young as six
have even been able to heal past traumas and transform negative emotions.
power animals from Meet Spirit Guides by Tianna Galgano

Shamanic Healing is Possible

Some of the meditations include shamanic methods of healing, such as soul rescue (soul retrieval). These meditations enable you to travel into your subconscious, find a past traumatic memory and then rescue your younger self trapped within it. You can do this effective kind of healing yourself with the aid of the recording available.
Some of the meditations include shamanic methods of healing, such as soul rescue (soul retrieval). These meditations enable you to travel into your subconscious, find a past traumatic memory and then rescue your younger self trapped within it. You can do this effective kind of healing yourself with the aid of the recording available.
shamanic healing work

What Makes - Meet Your Spirit Guides - Different
From Other Books?

The book comes with
two FREE meditations
as an Mp3 download.
Listen to Tianna's gentle voice as she leads you through them.

There is also a terrific value offer on the book's "Resources" page.
From a private link found only in the book, you get the entire meditation collection at a special price.
This includes a recording of the "Intuition Locator Exercise.

Meet Your Spirit Guides actually teaches you HOW to access
and tune into your 'Voice of Intuition.'

This is especially useful for people
who have trouble visualizing...
Your intuition will verbally guide you
throughout a meditation.

Bonus: Your intuitive voice interprets
your meditation's symbolic imagery.
PLUS explains what you are feeling.
All the meditations are designed to allow your guides to give personal imagery; and, to take you on spiritual journeys
that are right for you.
The meditations encourage you to ask questions
and interact with your guides.

Meet Your Spirit Guides
right now

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What Readers Like the Most:

It's Fast!
I can be totally at peace in just 5 minutes. I've been able to connect with several different guides just by asking.

It's Powerful!
In just ten minutes I received an amazing vision. On the spot, it transformed a horrible feeling I'd not been able to release.

It's Personal!
The meditations in the book allowed me
to get my own answers in my own way.

It's Easy!
After years of trying to meditate,
this is the only system that worked!

Reviews from Readers

I really appreciate all of your wonderful meditations. I am ordering your meditation package. I can't wait to get them! Thank you so much again. Your book has really changed my whole outlook on life.
Ann H.
I've just completed your book How To Meet Your Spirit Guides. It was exactly what I've been needing. I've read several books on shamanism and healing, etc. Your book made it all come together in a simple way with easy to understand exercises. Thank you very much!!!!
Chad W.
Spiritual Guidance on Demand? With this book, it IS truly possible!! It is not dry or overly technical - super easy to follow and concise. Tianna empowers the reader to discover their own unique style of intuition with specific exercises. She offers numerous guided meditations to assist the reader in accessing the resources they need. This book gets to the point. It is practical as well as encouraging.Highly recommend it! I personally found this book helpful and so feel compelled to write.
I have utilized many of the meditations and suggestions in the book and have received amazing, fast results for myself and for my clients! Learning to tap into the inner sub-conscious world, really does change old beliefs from the core, and Tianna's book is user friendly for long term results.
Fran B.Life Coach
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